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Q: Why don't you burn or destroy the item instead of keeping it?

A: This question is often asked during museum tours. The reason that most items are not destroyed is because this action can hold severe repercussions. It can be dangerous for an individual to destroy an item used in spiritual practicing because the spirit attached to that object will often gravitate towards the individual who destroys it.

Q: Do any strange phenomenon continue to occur with the items?

A:Some items are so strong that the rituals performed over them (binding) are not completely effective. Although the specific phenomenon associated with the items stop for the most part, many people describe a distinct feeling upon entering the museum.

Q: Do you do anything to the items before bringing them into your home?

A:Before items are brought into the museum, binding rituals are performed over each item by clergy. The goal of these rituals is to cease any spiritual phenomenon associated with the item. Items that are particularly active are kept in cases. Each time the item is removed from the case, another ritual is performed on the item.

Q: Have you ever gotten an item that you will not display in the museum?

A:Yes, there have been some items which carry with it such a strong spirit that a cleansing ritual will not be effective. When John comes across such an artifact, it is often disposed of by burying it in the ground or throwing it into a body of water.

Q: How do you know if an item is haunted? How do I know if I have a haunted item?

A: It can be concluded that a particular item is haunted if spiritual activity increases or begins altogether in a home after that item is introduced into the property. If you suspect that you have a haunted item, try removing it from the home for a few days and see if the activity decreases. If activity decreases after the item is removed, then you probably have a haunted item.

Q: How does an item become haunted?

A:With most of the items in the museum, they have been used in rituals, usually when spells are being cast. Although the items are not "possessed," energy can be sent towards an object. Items can hold energy within or around them, and it is usually the result of the energy being sent to the object by an individual.

Q: Could an item in the museum harm me or affect me after I leave the museum?

A: Although it is uncommon, the possibility exists that museum visitors could be impacted in some way by the objects in the museum. Some people are more sensitive to spirit activity. Visits to the John Zaffis Paranormal Museum are at one's own risk.

Q: Is every item in the museum from a case or haunted?

A: No, not every museum item is haunted or from a PRSNE case.

Q: Do you have any items from famous cases?

A: Yes, among others, the museum contains artifacts from the funeral parlor written about in the book, In A Dark Place, and the movie: The Haunting in Connecticut.

Q: Which item does John get the worst feeling from?

A: John says that The Idol gives him the worst feeling.  The rituals associated with this piece are particularly disturbing.

Q: Once an item is cleared, is it inactive forever?


A: Although the specific phenomenon associated with the item decreases, it is always possible for an item to become spiritually active again. The items that are particularly active are kept in cases and cleared every time they are removed from their case.

Q: Have you had any interesting experiences occur related to the items?

A: Many unexplained phenomenon have occurred associated with the items. One of the most common occurrences when transporting an item to the museum is that John will often experience car trouble when transporting an item to the museum.

Q: What are some ways that it can be determined if items have spirit with or around them?

A: One method for determining if an item has spirit with it is by using Psychometry, which is the method of picking up on the energy of items by touching them.

Q: Why do you collect the items in the museum? Is it a good idea to display these items to the public?

A: John collects these items in the hopes that they will educate people about the dangers of delving into the spiritual world. John hopes that people will leave the museum with a better understanding of the risks associated with the world of the supernatural. John also hopes that people will understand the dangers of opening the doors to the spiritual realm without a solid understanding the consequences.

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