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~The Museum~

These are just some highlights of the museum

Antique Clown

This antique clown was bought from an antique store. About a week after buying the clown, the buyer allegedly experienced bizarre dreams about the clown. PRSNE investigator, Joanne, held the clown in an attempt to use her ability of psychometry (reading the energy of objects by holding them) to gain more insight into the spiritual energy attached to the doll. Seconds after picking up the clown, Joanne quickly put it back down on the chair, describing the unsettling feeling it gave her as too intense.


This was owned by a little child and the child kept telling his mom that Simon kept speaking with him and wanted to speak with him all the time, which had gone on for several days. On one occasion, the mom walked into the child's room, and the child was sitting across from Simon. As she looked at Simon, his mouth was distinctly moving. At that time, the mother panicked and called her clergy, with whom John is good friends. This clergy member then contacted John. John arranged to meet with the family, and the clergy blessed the home.

John removed the item and there have not been any problems in the home since.

This painting depicting a sad clown was purchased by a woman from an estate sale. The woman hung the painting in her living room. Soon after putting the picture on a wall in her home, the family allegedly witnessed the clown's eyes following them around the room. The painting would allegedly fall off of the wall without any visible explanation. Although the history of the painting is unclear, it could be reasonably suspected that there is some sort of spirit attached to the painting, causing the strange occurrences in this woman's home.

Clown Painting


This individual liked collecting old marionettes and had quite a few in their collection. Prior to purchasing these particular puppets, this person allegedly had no experiences with the spiritual world. She would constantly feel like there was something watching her and started having bizarre and unnerving dreams involving the marionettes. She told John on the phone that she never believed that objects could be haunted. However, she felt that there was definitely something spiritual connected to these two marionettes. After talking further with John, she asked him to remove the items from her home, and since has not had any similar problems.

Grandfather Clock

John was called in to do an investigation for a family that inherited some items after a death of a relative. One of the things they inherited was this old clock. Upon bringing the clock into their home, they allegedly felt that their grandfather was present with them, and allegedly smelled his pipe smoke and also felt cold spots around the clock. The family started to have an uneasy feeling in the home. They asked John to remove the clock and some other items from the home. The next day, they called and said that things felt much more positive in the home.

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