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~The Museum~

These are just some highlights of the museum

The Book of Shadows

The items in this photograph are supposed to be used for good purposes. These particular items were used to cast spells on a negative level and they had to be removed from a home, and an exorcism had to be performed as a result.

Mr. Sinister

Mr. Sinister came to John from a gentlemen that contacted him after he picked this item up at a flea market. The man brought it home and he started having a very bad feeling from it after putting it into his car. He only kept the statue in his house for one day and he started having very bizarre odors in his home. Every time he would go near the statue, he would get a very bad tingling feeling and believed that there was spirit with the item. He called John and had it removed.

This desk was originally on a college campus. Some of the students felt that there was spirit attached to this particular desk. During John's investigation, this desk moved across the floor with an individual sitting in it. It was removed from the building to prevent any further activity taking place associated with this item.

The School Desk

Military Jacket

This jacket was owned by a teenage girl who had an interest in military apparel. She purchased the old military jacket at an estate sale. When the girl wore the jacket, she would allegedly become unusually cold, possibly indicating that her energy was being drawn by an entity. The girl would have strange dreams where she would hear soldiers talking to one another. Also, the phenomenon seemed to occur during the daytime as well as after dark. The girl contacted John, asking him what she should do to make the phenomenon stop. John suggested that she stop wearing the jacket,. The girl agreed but it did not last long. She was compelled to wear the jacket, and was drawn to the experiences that occurred when she wore it. She became overwhelmed by the activity and gave the jacket to John.

The Idol

This particular item was used in conjunction with a lot of ceremonies and black magic that this young man was involved with. He did not believe that these rituals would be effective in the beginning, but soon found out the power of the rituals. He claimed that he had his "deities" inhabiting this idol. John was called in to do an investigation, and this young man had to have an exorcism performed over him, and all the items were removed from his home. Today, the young man is free from any spiritual problems.

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