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~The Museum~

These are just some highlights of the museum

Elk Skull

A man bought this skull for his mother from a gift shop. Shortly after bringing the skull into the home, the woman began to experience strange things in her home. She was being awoken repeatedly throughout the night and would see a man standing in her room. He would stand over her in bed and hold her down. The woman had the strong impression that the man wanted to have sex with her. His mother began to see black forms around the house and finally told her son that she thought it might be related to bringing the skull into the home.

Mr. Bojo

Mr. Bojo is an antique poppet that was purchased by a person who collected them. Upon bringing this home, this person started experiencing lights going on and off and doors opening and closing. She was having terrible nightmares in which Mr. Bojo would appear to her. She made contact with John and he set up an investigation. At the time, John felt that there was a very good chance this poppet was intended to be used for evil purposes. The item was removed from the home and the phenomena subsided.

A young lady picked Chiefy up at a consignment store. She had it sitting up on her dresser and allegedly began having bizarre dreams that did not happen prior to bringing Chiefy into her home. John suggested that she take the statue out of her house, but strange things continued to occur. She then brought it back in her house and phenomenon intensified. John feels whatever was attached to this item also attached to the young lady. The item was ultimately removed from the home.


The Robe

This robe was picked up by a person that collected antique clothing. Upon bringing it home, they had started experiencing very bizarre things in the home, and every time they would touch the robe they felt they were being pulled back into the past. They felt like they were witnessing different types of rituals being performed. At this time, they made contact with John and the robe was removed from their home. Once the item was removed, there were no longer any problems in the home.

Antique Doll

This item was originally purchased by a woman who restored and collected antique dolls. This particular doll made her too uncomfortable to do any restorations to it, and every time she would pick it up, she would feel a negative energy. After making contact with John, the doll was removed from her home and the woman experienced no further problems.

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