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~The Museum~

These are just some highlights of the museum


This skull is metal-casted and is in two pieces, but it is unclear whether it is an authentic human skull. The skull belonged to the same family for many generations. A woman in the last generation to own the skull found it when she was cleaning out the study of the house. The family was allegedly involved in spiritual practicing, and the skull appears to have been the centerpiece of this family's practicing.

The Sword

This sword belonged to a little boy whose mother called John after many strange occurrences allegedly happened in her home. The boy's mother and father were divorced, and the sword was given to the boy by his father, who allegedly instructed the boy to always keep the sword mounted on the wall behind his bed. The mother described seeing black-hooded figures in the house, and other unexplainable events, such as the lights turning on and off, were said to have occurred in the house. The boy's mother said that her ex-husband was involved in a lot of questionable rituals. Text of a satanic nature was found to be inscribed on the sword itself, and there can be heard items rattling inside of the handle of the sword when shaken. Most likely, energy was attached to this sword after the father performed rituals over the sword before giving it to his son as a gift. Today, the sword is mounted on the wall near the fireplace mantle in the museum.

John received a telephone call from a woman that this three foot statue would move around the house, but she never witnessed it while it was moving. She would leave the room and return to find it in a different place. Her little son would tell her that he was talking to the statue and that it was his friend. One day, she walked into the kitchen, leaving her son and the statue in the living room. Upon returning to the living room, the little boy and the statue were not there; she found them in his bedroom. At that time, she took the statue and threw it out the back door and contacted John to have it removed.

Island Man

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